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About the Artist

Born and raised in the South of France, Fabrice Spies started painting at the age of 13. Continually inspired by his locale, his earliest work depicts the colors and movement of lavender fields and Provençal landscapes. Following his move to the US in 1998, Fabrice began a series of historical landmarks and architectural landscapes. His current work incorporates scenes from his current home, with notable references to the Southern California Coast. A desire to not only create, but to challenge his technique in new ways, remain his motivation. 

About the Work

Of the many components to his artwork, precision and attention to detail are most prominent. To the viewer, color, light, and space appear effortlessly. Nevertheless, every painting represents countless hours of commitment. Fabrice signs each with bibi*, his nickname from childhood.

Recognized by the American Institute of Architects, Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens, as well as Art Expo New York & Las Vegas, Festival of Arts -Laguna Beach, Fabrice has maintained a strong presence in the art community throughout his career. With support from his friends, family, fellow artists, and clients, his dedication to his talent has only grown over the years.